Press Release
Baron's Court Theatre
London, England
March 09.-14.2010

Tribute - Gielgud's Ages of Man

Longtime leading character actor, George Innes    ( ... Master & Commander, Last Orders, MASH, Upstairs Downstairs see bio ) takes the audience on a memorable, poignant and often humorous journey with his one man show “Tribute”.

From the youthful Romeo to the aging Lear, Innes has carefully chosen a selection of best known and well loved Shakespearean soliloquies and sonnets from Sir John Gielgud’s original Ages of Man.  ts and letters of the late John Gielgud to family, friends and colleagues. Gielgud reflects on life and aging as he enters the final phases of his own life.

You cannot help being touched by Gielgud’s words nor stop yourself from chuckling as you walk down the path through the Ages of Man that was tread by these two great Masters.

Stephanie Feeney, of Britain’s Lute Society will be performing a selection of music before and during the show on her Renaissance Ebony Lute.


Delicately interwoven with the Bard’s words are the though

This attractive, diminutive musician has performed in a multitude of venues and charity auctions. Stephanie is also known as Fanny, Lady Lovely Lute and Ravenwaves depending on the arena and the type of music she has been asked to play.

Miss Feeney has dressed as a strolling minstrel singing Tudor ballads in Stratford Upon Avon, as well as performed ancient jigs and long forgotten Renaissance pieces in concerts and medieval venues.

Stephanie’s love of “all things Shakespearean” comes from awaking from a coma as a little girl. She had been in a very serious accident and could remember little of what happened. When she came out of the coma she could see tiny Shakespearean figurines across the room where she lay. They became her companions while she recovered, and her love of the period was born.

The lute was thought to have been brought to Europe from Arabia by the Crusaders and a favorite instrument of Royalty , Anne Boleyn and The Court during the 16th and 17th Centuries and aptly accompanies Shakespeare’s greatest works.

“Tribute” at Baron’s Court Theatre, Curtain Up Pub , 28a Comeragh Road London- March 9th-14th 8pm, Tickets 10 pounds

“Tribute” has been expanded to showcase the lute music since it was performed Spring 2009 at The Workshop Theatre, Off-Broadway, NYC and the Edinburgh Festival 2009.


”..There is so much to praise about this piece, and yet so little to critcise. As it stands, it is a perfect tribute to the life and times of Gielgud, and a beautiful performance of some of the best theatre ever written.” - Edinburgh Fringe Review … 5 Stars

“...So well performed by the excellent George Innes” - The Scotsman

“... We were so caught up in the mood we did not even go downstairs to get a refill on our wine at the interval.”- Broadway Baby , Ranked One of The Top Audience Rated Shows...5 Stars