George Innes pays homage to the mastery of William Shakespeare and Sir John Gielgud’s artful journey as he traveled through Shakespeare’s Ages of Man.

Under the clear unerring light of the theater the audience is made acutely aware that the world is indeed a stage and that we all are merely players.

Along with the best known speeches and sonnets from Shakespeare, the show is filled with humor and pathos and the touching view of the world , theatre , actors and even thoughts on Shakespeare as told through the eyes and words of Sir John Gielgud.

As Gielgud before him, Innes treads that same path that takes us from youth to old age. We walk beside the romantic , but ill fated star-crossed Romeo, follow the self doubting torment of Hamlet pondering the great questions of life and death, and end the journey hearing the howling grief of Lear, dying like a child ,stretched on the ground ,beside the hanged body of his wronged daughter, Cordelia

Innes expertly weaves the bard’s sonnets of romance and hope, cynicism and dark despair with soliloquies and speeches from Macbeth, Hamlet, Richard II Othello and more.

Within this rich tapestry , delicately interwoven, are Gielgud’s own words written to his mother, friends and colleagues as he too makes his way from youth to his final days .


As with Prospero, the show concludes …Our revels now are ended…and our little life is rounded with a sleep.

With his (George Innes) excellent new show, "Tribute," he brings his fine talent to the great roles of Shakespeare, including Hamlet, Romeo, Richard II, Macbeth and King Lear. In Mr. Innes' skilled hands, famous soliloquies regain their luminous beauty, poetry and keen insight into human nature. Don't miss this show!’
                                                                                     John Martello, Producer and Executive Director (The Players) NYC

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