Shakespeare At the Fringe

Believe it or not, there are 39 Shakespeare related productions taking part in this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

These range from plays faithful to the original work to modernized versions of Shakespearean classics and other innovative re-imaginings. Shakespeare is clearly a big pull for both performers and audiences at the Fringe.

Having recognized the popularity of Shakespeare at the Fringe, a campaign is being put together to promote Shakespeare and all of those who have used his work as inspiration for their 2009 Fringe productions.

This promotional initiative will comprise of a variety of activities, all taking place during August in Edinburgh. There will be a group photo call featuring all of the Shakespeare characters with Shakespeare himself (from the play Time Out of Joint) at the centre, and a competition called Where's Willy to spot Shakespeare around Edinburgh and win free tickets. An awards ceremony, The Willies, is planned to celebrate the best (and worst!) of the Shakespearean productions at the end of the festival.

The companies have also made plans to help each other out with various cross-promotional activities, demonstrating the spirit of camaraderie which makes taking part in the Fringe festival an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The response so far from the companies invited to take part has been unanimously positive, and with the support of the Fringe press office, the majority of this year's Shakespeare productions are expected to be involved in Shakespeare at the Fringe.

For further information on the project (article material, photos, facts and figures, etc.) please contact Jessica Pinkett, details below. ||| Tel 07706 165084