Innes Takes on The Volcano

 Flies into NYC With His Acclaimed Show "Tribute- Gielgud's Ages of Man With Only A Few Days To Spare


After being turned away from London's Heathrow Airport the first day of European flight cancellations, George Innes, the veteran British actor began a marathon vigilance of  volcanic eruptions, world news and hours of manning telephone line connections and the internet to his airline in both in the USA and England .


Innes publicity manager lives in California. Because of the 8 hour time difference between London and LA, and the sheer coincidence of her computer being booted up exactly one minute after the second rescheduled flight was cancelled, she was able to get a booking for one of the three openings  that remained on Continental Airlines.


"Continental Airlines was so considerate and patient, and I always had someone live l to talk to each time I had to change my ticket or had a inquiry ; rather than just a robot voice on the other end ",  said George, " In the end, I was forced to change my destination because I ran out of time and could no longer see my daughter in Texas. It must have been a very difficult time for the airlines and passengers with so many in limbo for a week. I was one of the lucky ones. I hear many may be stranded for weeks."


Maire Martello , Producer of George Innes'  highly acclaimed one man show "Tribute - Gielgud's Ages of Man ", was anxious to hear news if the actor would make it for the opening of his show at the  Workshop Theatre Group (Jewel Box Theatre)  Wednesday , April 28 – Saturday, May 1, 2010 .  Innes returns to NYC after receiving rave reviews abroad.


“Tribute” combines the greatest and most well known Shakespeare’s sonnets and soliloquies, along with the amusing and touching letters of Sir John Gielgud to family and friends and fellow actors .  The letters , written over Gielgud's lifetime highlights his  musings , observations, experiences and sense of humor up until his death,  just as the different  Shakespearean characters highlight man as he ages.


Innes' “Tribute” has played to enthusiastic audiences and high acclaim from critics and audiences in New York City, the 2009 Edinburgh Festival, and London in 2010 and now a repeat performance in New York. 


George Innes is well-known to British and American audiences for his television work  in well over 200 shows in such landmark series as “Upstairs, Downstairs,”, “Danger:  UXB,”  "Shogun", “I, Claudius,” “M.A.S.H.",” Magnum P.I." and “Hill Street Blues.” 


Mr. Innes trained at LAMDA (winning the Shakespeare Cup) and the Bristol Old Vic, eventually joining Olivier’s newly formed National Theatre, appearing in “Othello,” “Dutch Courtesan” and “Mother Courage.” 


Other stage credits include “Jumpers” and “Bedroom Farce,” in the West End, “Chips with Everything” at The Royal Court , and transferred to Broadway, and “The Dream of Peter Mann” by Bernard Kops.  He appeared in “The Vortex” at the Ahmanson Theatre in L.A. and “The Rise and Fall of Little Voice,” with Steppenwolf, eventually transferring to Broadway as well. 


His film credits include “Billy Liar,” “The Italian Job,” “Master and Commander,” “Elizabeth:  The Golden Age,” “Stardust” and “Last Orders.”


“Tribute” - Wednesday,, April 28, 2010- Saturday ,May 1, 2010 at the Workshop Theatre Group (Jewel Box Theatre), 312 West 36th Street, 4th Floor, NYC, 8:00pm.  Admission is free; Reservations:  732-450-9947.



See What the Critics are saying about “Tribute”:


“Innes is a consummate and incredible actor, embodying over 50 Shakespearean characters…Emotions wrack and rage through him at various intervals…Shakespeare paradise…”  -- Edinburgh Fringe Review, 5 Stars


“So well performed by the excellent George Innes”  - The Scotsman


“…the whole show centres around a superb talent:  not Gielgud’s but that of George Innes.  The veteran performer has a marvelously warming presence with a deep velvet voice that could make a line from Avenue Q sound profound…Far from being afraid of those iconic words, Innes tears through the material with an excellent grasp of emotion and the kind of lyrical confidence that only a man of his age and experience could manage…”Tribute” is really a display of extraordinary talent.” – Remote Goat, London (popular theater website)


Contact:  C. Skaife, Mngmt, (01144) 02088532187


Maire Martello, Producer 732-450-9947