M*A*S*H: U.N., the Night and the Music 11th  season      Cast from M*A*S*H* Behind the Scenes

I went along to the studios just off Pico in Los Angles California, and read for Joyce Robinson. I think they must have had someone else in mind - but something prevented them from getting him.

So luck was on my side and I did do a good reading. I was told that was  supposed to be the second to the last episode of MASH made, and there was already a special kind of fond nostalgia going on amongst the actors and crew. I think the order changed along the way and it was about 3 or 4 from the end.

In the story, A United Nations delegation tours the 4077th - a Swede, a Hindu, and a British officer and it was directed Harry Morgan, Col. Potter Behind the Scenesby Harry Morgan who played Colonel Potter     Alan Alda Harry Morgan, MASH Behind the Scenes

In the show the MASH personnel just started putting together a time capsule of mementos from their time in Korea to later be completed in another episode.

Major Winchester donated a bottle of his favorite brandy which he put away for something or someone very special and “almost” was shared with my character. He said that when the capsule was opened, it would be over 100 years old and provide a magnificent treat for whoever found it.

I looked pretty good… for the character - Dr. Randolph Kent

I had the beard and I think I probably felt like James Robertson Justice, and so probably a bit of that crept in. I had a nice scene with Major Charles Winchester David Ogden Stiers .

Major Winchester and my character, Dr. Kent, were sitting in a military field mess hall. The Major learned I was lived on a very noble estate in England , and attended a most prestigious university. David Ogden Stiers(Major Charles Winxhester) Behind the ScenesHe was trying to do his best in one upmanship and had assumed I was part of the Upper Class. Winchester brought out the finest drink, crystal and treats for me. (Unbeknownst at the time , I was in truth the gardener’s son who had been educated by the good graces of the nobleman on whose estate I lived.) In the scene, Stiers and I have to eat his beloved and treasured caviar.

I remember the production company got the very best caviar for me and I just spat it out because it was so salty. I had never had caviar before and could not eat it. The director had to get some blackcurrant jam for me.

I was invited to see some of the dailies and I can remember thinking about a scene where I was to be slipping quickly "into my cups" as Winchester and I are having a bragging rights contest and drinking some of his finest...I kept thinking that I am acting way over the top here. David Ogden Stiers was so good at it, … I have never really been pleased with my performance in that scene.

I was one of three UN Delegates that visited the M*A*S*H* field unit.

I had quite a chat with the young man ,Kavi Raz, Capt Ramurti Lal Behind the Scenes who played the Indian delegate- Kavi Raz -Capt. Ramurti Lal.

When he was not acting he was running his own floristry supply business. He turned up to the studios in his company van and I asked him about it. He is a very ambitious, modest and nice guy.


The man Dennis Holahan, that played the Swedish delegate Per Johannsen , was good. He reminded me a bit of Biorn Borg - the tennis player.He came away with a nice souvenir of the show. Dennis Holahan as Per Johannsen Behind the Scenes

In 1983, after MASH had ended it’s long run, Dennis married Hot Lips Houlihan - Loretta Swit. Amazing coincidences about the sameness of their last names. You could feel the attraction between them on the show as the characters had more and more interaction. Flirtatious and fun. And the show was aptly named, "U.N. the Night and the Music". It was certainly in the air...

Alan Alda.  and I had a chance to talk.  I was surprised that he wasn't as keen on Frank Sinatra as I was. I loved Sinatra songs, he's a wonderful singer, Alan Alda as Hawkeye Behind the Sceneswe had a chat about classical music and I was trying to think of a composer and he was throwing out suggestions of who it might be - as I couldn't remember the name and he said "Boulez" and I said no, Stockhausen and he looked at me like - eh!!! Such a good chap and easy to get along with.

There was a lot of good humor on the show. It must have been hard for them to leave it all. They were like a family. The whole crew, actors, production….

I read that on every given day of the year that somewhere in the world M*A*S*H* is still playing on a television somewhere. It was an endearing show with great writing and characters, direction and acting. I still remember a few of the quotes from the show, they were priceless! I found some of the quotes from the sthe episode that I was in that I really still have a chuckle over. I have to admit they were on various websites , my memory isn’t THAT good !!!

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Website  TV.COM

*Charles: I'd, uh, I'd skip today's dessert. In my tent I have a brandied fruitcake.
*Dr. Kent: Oh. Please, I couldn't. A man's personal fruitcake is sacred

*Father Mulcahy: (showing visitors around) William Christopher  as Father Mulcahy Behind the SccenesOn Sundays, this mess tent doubles as our chapel. It's particularly well suited for this, as it sleeps eighty-five. 

(Hawkeye Upon Entering Colonel Potter's Tent to discover, the Colonel and Klinger are doing headstands.)

*Hawkeye: Well, I had come in here in the hope of finding someone with whom I could have a nice intellectual conversation, but I see you're in no position to do that.
*Potter: Pierce, you seem a trifle edgy.
*Hawkeye: I've gone over the edgy! There's an international conspiracy to drive me crazy. Back in the Swamp, the upper crust are toasting each other. Meanwhile, the head nurse is trying to yump on someone's yimminy. And I come in here only to find my complaints are falling on deaf feet!
*Klinger: Forgive me, Captain, but only through accepting others for what they are, will you find true inner tranquility.
*Hawkeye: You have to respect a man who looks you square in the toes when he talks to you.

*Hawkeye: Why fight it? I might as well go crazy and be inconspicuous