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I did Charlie Bubbles for Albert who was both the star and the director of the film. 

Albert and I have worked together a few times.. Good actor, director both in film and theatre. He is generous with himself as a person, a top guy, like Michael Caine.

It has been said that this movie could be almost autobiographical.. since both Charlie and Albert rose from the harsher streets of Manchester, England. But I think the comparison stops there.albert fFinney and ;son' Charlie Bubbles

I played the garage attendant, but had no lines. I had a lot of nice close-ups, people still ask me about some of those moody shots that Albert directed.  I wanted to Ad Lib after I filled the car with petrol. Something like" You want your Green Stamps?". But the Rolls took too long to fill and we ran out of film. Never got a chance to do it. Wonder what Albert would have said. 

I worked with Lakey before, Alan Lake. A bit difficult to keep down but I did like him. I had also worked with Diana Dors before.

Albert Finney & Liza Minnelli in Charlie Bubbles

But when I was told that this was the American actress Liza Minnelli's first film role ... Iliza minnelli and alberit finney in charlie bubbles thought Who's She??  Of course now we know. Wish I had known then. I loved Judy . Garland, I wish she had said something.

Funny where life takes you